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Community Outreach



Jesus said "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." That is a promise.

 Pastor Steve comes from a family of fishermen and knows full well the art of fishing. He also knows the difference between a cruise ship and a fishing boat. One vessel is comfortable, full of pleasure and relaxation, and sticks close to the shore. The other vessel is not so plush, goes out into the dangerous seas, launches into the deep and takes risks because the best fishing is in the most difficult waters. LWCC is not a cruise ship. We are a fishing boat! There is great joy in catching fish!


If we were to ask "How many of you are expert fishermen?", only a few would raise their hands. On the other hand, if we asked "How many of you have ever caught a fish?", mostly everyone would be able to raise their hand, even a child! Everyone can catch fish. Evangelism should be a daily occurence in the life of every believer. Yes, we do have to learn how to cast the net, but don't get duped into waiting for the big evangelistic event. Allow Jesus to make you are...a fisher of men!

At LWCC, although we have community events each year, our most bountiful catch is when each one reaches one.


Enjoy these pictures of our annual Christmas Outreach which ministers to hundreds of local children every year...







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